Finance: The Man With The Golden Touch, And His Purpose For Us All!

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The man with the Golden Touch and his purpose for us all

Will Boyett is the man with the "Golden Touch". Using his power, thousands have found success.

Most of us wonder why we were put on this earth. What is our purpose in life? One man, Will Boyett, used to wonder the same thing until he discovered his special ability. Will has the ability to turn businesses, or people, into gold.

“At first I just thought I was good at what I do. However, over the years I’ve come to realize, this is not a coincidence. No matter who I work with, no matter what industry, they all become wildly successful. I believe God has bestowed this ability on me and wants me to help as many people as I can before my time on earth is up.” claims Will Boyett.

The stories of the people, the businesses, and the lives changed forever after Will Boyett touched them are uncanny.

"After college graduation in 1978, I went to work for a photography studios", Will recalls. "Within a short time, my studio was the top-producing studio in all the chain. Pleased with the store's success, the owner would send me to manage whichever studio was her worst performer at the time. Soon after my arrival, the studio would transform into the chains top performer."

Will enters the Music business. The first unknown musician Will works with goes on to sell 100 million records!

In 1981, Will launched his own photography studio. One day a young musician came in asking Will if he would come to Hollywood and photograph his band. Will befriended the musician. They later became roommates. Not long after, the musician co-founded a band called Motley Crue. That musician was drummer Tommy Lee. Tommy Lee and Motley Crue went on to incredible success selling over 100 million records and receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Will enters Movie business. The first unknown entertainer Will works with becomes 11x Entertainer of The Year in Las Vegas.

After Tommy’s success, Will got the show biz bug. In the late 80’s Will started attending acting school. Attending school one day, Will's teacher invited Will to participate in a short film for an unknown impressionist, Danny Gans, who needed an audition tape to break into show biz. This was the only professional production Will ever appeared in at his school. Danny Gans went on to become Entertainer Of The Year in Las Vegas 11 times. Up until Danny’s death in 2009, Danny was the top performer in Las Vegas. It appears that having the man with the golden touch in your audition tape really does bring gold.

Will enters the Gaming Industry. Four years later, poker explodes across the world. Ordinary people become millionaires overnight.

By the late 1990’s Will began working in the casino industry. Shortly after taking the reigns as Satellite Director for the world’s largest card casino, an unusual boom in poker occured. Will’s department achieved an 800% growth rate in just 2 short years. The casino experienced record-breaking prize pools and turnouts in all their tournaments and satellites. Millionaires were made daily. Sadly, four years after Will's departure from the tournament world, the prize pool on the casino's main tournament dropped to 50% of what it used to be. Coincidence? Or did the golden touch leave with the man?

Will enters the world of Television. The only TV show Will appeared on became the #1 show in the networks history!

In the early 2000’s, there was a fledgling TV show that came up with the idea to broadcast final tables of poker tournaments using cameras to see the players cards. The show was called “World Poker Tour”. Will appeared in two episodes for the first season and two episodes of the second season. By the end of the second year, the WPT was the highest rated TV show in the Travel Channel's history. The WPT set the standards for all other poker shows that followed.

Will enters the world of Direct Selling. Four years later the company Will partnered with makes history. Becomes first direct-selling firm to achieve $1 billion in annual sales within first 6 years.

In 2011, Will heard of a direct selling company called Jeunesse that launched just two years prior. Will had never been involved with direct selling before. The company had only two products. Nevertheless Will flew to Florida, and after meeting the owners, decided to form a business pernership with Jeunesse. Four years later the company became the first direct-selling company in history to do $1 billion in annual sales. Only companies that have done that are Facebook, Google, and Apple. Jeunesse had joined the ranks of the elite.

The secret to Will's success has been in helping others achieve their success

“I’ve tried using the power on myself. Whenever my goal was to make money, I would fail." states Will. "However, whenever my goal was to help others, I succeeded. I’ve come to realize that God did not give me this ability to be selfish and use on myself, but to use for helping others achieve their dreams of success.” Now that Will has come to embrace his purpose in life, he devotes the majority of his time helping others through various projects he is involved with as well as his speaking engagements throughout Southern California.

Some could argue that Will was just in the right place at the right time, not only once, but several times. While others will claim the odds against all this happening by coincidence is too great. Whether Will Boyett has the golden touch are not, the fact remains, great things happen to the people Will has worked with.

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